bCounted APC

How it Works

Automatic Passenger Counting made easy in order to operate effectively and efficently utilizing real time passenger activity

and traffic patterns.

System overview & components

Knowledge of passenger activity and traffic patterns at airports is essential to operate effectively and efficiently.

To attain this knowledge a suite of detailed, accurate, reliable, and time-correlated data and reports can assist to improve or maintain multiple areas of operation that include:

  • People flow analysis and management
  • Space use
  • Service monitoring
  • Service planning
  • Security enhancement measurements
  • Productivity assessment
  • Resource optimization

bCounted APC, jointly developed by Bridge Technology Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona and IRIS GmbH Infrared & Intelligent Sensors (IRIS) of Berlin, Germany provides a total solution to address these needs.

Our solution, customized to your facility, assists the ground transportation staff with:

  • Load statistics, capacity planning, and the assignment of the operational cost to different system partners.
  • Optional on-board display, audio announcement, camera surveillance and/or passenger safety and public announcement video system can be included in your integrated solution.

6 Major System Components

1. AVL/GPS System Tracks Your Vehicles

bCounted APC uses a wireless modem for communication modules incuding:

  • GPS for automatic vehicle location (AVL)
  • On-board data management
  • Data capture
  • Data correlation with location and time
  • Data transmission to the backend for analysis, evaluation, and planning





Depending on the application, communication options with the backend are CDMA, GPRS, WiFi, or Ethernet.

2. Automatic Passenger Counting (APC) System

Empower your team with the data to make decisions

bCounted APC makes use of a revolutionary method for automatic people counting, proven and successfully deployed in the transit industry on trains and buses as well as in buildings. bCounted APC is easily tailored for use in airport ground transportation such as airside shuttles, rental car shuttles, parking shuttles, and feeder to city transit. May also be used with automatic people moves as well as other airport facilities such as security-sensitive areas and any location where people move through portals. Customers include airport authorities, bus and shuttle operators, APM operators, door and portal manufacturers, OEMs, retailers, and providers of specific services where frequency and people flow management play a role.


bCounted APC utilizes the innovative IRMA-MATRIX APC sensor employing the latest Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology. TOF determines the distance to an object by measuring the travel time of infrared light from emission to detection. The sensor features a high-resolution pixel matrix to measure the distances at 500 image points thus providing in real-time a 3D image of the field of view identifying and counting people or objects.

The IRMA-MATRIX APC Sensor Provides:

  • High-accurate provision of counts
  • Recognition of direction of movement
  • Recognition of simultanerous entrey and exit
  • Dealing with queuing/bunching and/or tightly packed crowds
  • Distinction between people and objects – recognition of wheelchairs, strollers, backpacks, golf bags etc.
  • Integrated “door clear” feature
  • Automated self-test and detection of vandalism

Accurate passenger counts assist in airport with passenger migration analysis, passenger flow mangement, and load and capacity planning of any kind of transportation means or airport facility. They also help analyze the passendger movements and take respective measurements in security-sensitive areas such as passenger checkpoints. Real-time information about the people flow can also be essential for airport service facilities such as janitorial.

Most Important Benefit is Increased Efficiency With:

  • Use of the resources resulting in cost savings and staffing optimization
  • Scheduling of transportation vehicles
  • Service and maintenance of ground transportation means
  • Scheduling of service personnel in stationary facilities
  • Security enhancement at sensitive airport locations

3. On-Board Display and Announcement System

Provide your passengers with real time information

The on-board display unit is a 16 character by 7 line scrolling amber ADA compliant display that can be seen clearly from the back of the vehicle. Time and date are updated every 30 seconds and are synchronized with the atomic clock accessed via the GPS modem.

The announcements are made using Prompt Sculptor, the industry leading “text to voice” software from Nuance Communications, Inc. Burlington, MA. This text to voice system enables the airport to change announcements and/or update/remove announcements as required and provides the same voice quality and sound for all announcements.

4. Live Arrival Times via Smartphone

Increase customer satisfaction!

Access to arrival times via a smartphone app or web portal. The app displays the arrival time and shows you where the closest pick up location is.

It also stores your last vehicle location and will remind you which parking lot or area you are in and which bus stop or shelter you should exit at.

5. Web Portal and Reports

5.1 Real-Time Display of the Fleet

The option shown here shows live vehicles in service/out of service on screens with passenger counts “on” and “off” at each stop in real-time.

5.2 Instant Data Access by Vehicle Including Last Passenger Counts

Individual vehicle location provided
(Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport)

Vehicle and Passenger Count Replay (Including Snail Trail)

Optionally the actual speed of the vehicle can be shown. A warning bar can be set by the customer – 25 MPH is the default. Data is sent every 100 yards the vehicle travels and every minute the vehicle is stationary.

Standard and Customized Reports


There are over 80 standard reports that can be selected and configured to customer requirements.

Custom Reports are provided as part of the service at no additional cost. Headway reports by route, vehicles in service/out of service reports, miles traveled, preventative maintenance warnings, NTD reports, automated reports, system reports and warnings.

Headway Report (Oakland International Airport)

“You request it. – We will provide it!”

All reports are available in real-time online or automatically emailed.


Passenger counts per month (Newark Liberty International Airport)

Passenger count by platform per day

(Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport)

Site Wide Passenger count by hour by day by month

(Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport)

6. Cloud Based Backend Servers

The backend is customized and tuned to the specific requirements of the customer consisting of:

  • Firewalls to scrub the data, validate access
  • Application servers to collect the raw GPS from the vehicles and APC data from the sensors and manage the bi-directional data flow
  • Secondary and tertiary servers for backup

Backend contains web portal providing user interface to:

  • System software providing access to customeized reports (Count statistics, vehicle occupancy, headway, door opening, wheelchair deployment, assignment of operation cost to system partners)
  • The ability to notify ground transportation operators and airport facility staff if and when to take pre-determined or ad-hoc measurements or corrective actions based upon vhecile incursion (geofence encroachment) or upon passenger capacity and/or people flow frequency/usage.

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