bCounted APM


How it Works

Automatic People Movers (APM’s) are revolutionizing the way airports receive data and increase efficiency.

bCounted is the preferred solution by assisting the APM operator with:

Load Statistics | Capacity Planning | Headway Optimization


APM’s are operated without a driver or other personnel. As a result, reliable data and information about passenger activity and traffic patterns can only be collected and analyzed by electronic resources and systems like bCounted.

How it Works

bCounted makes use of a revolutionary method for Automatic People Counting (APC) which as been proven and successfully deployed on trains, buses, shuttles, and buildings. bCounted can be used in both mobile and stationary applications.

bCounted is useful to industries of specific services where frequency and people flow management play a significant role.

Services using the bCounted System:

  • Airport authorities
  • Bus and shuttle operators
  • Door and portal manufacturers
  • OEMs
  • Retailers

bCounted is tailored for use in:

  • Cars
  • Stations
  • Security sensitive areas
  • Station platforms
  • Escalators
  • Stair and elevator access points
  • Restrooms

Snapshot of people arriving and leaving the rental car center of the Atlanta International Airport


bCounted utilizes the innovated ‘IRMA-MATRIX’ APC sensor which makes use of the latest Time of Flight (TOF) technology. TOF determines the distance to an object by measuring the travel time of infrared light from emission to detection.

The sensor features a high-resolution pixel matrix to measure distances at 500 image points. This provides a 3D real-time image of the field of vision and the people or objects to count.

The sensor detects the direction of movement and counts people moving in any direction (e.g. in and out) simultaneously. The count accuracy observed in current applications is 99+%. Working like an infrared camera, it can distinguish between passengers and objects such as wheelchairs and luggage carts.


The IRMA-MATRIX APC sensor provides:

  • Highly accurate provision of counts
  • Recognition movement direction
  • Recognition of boarding and de-boarding simultaneously
  • Notification of queuing, bunching, or tightly packed crowds
  • Distinction between people and objects
  • Recognition of wheelchairs, strollers, backpacks, golf bags etc
  • Automated self-test
  • Detection of vandalism

bCounted utilizes a communication module to capture the count data, correlate the data with a location and time, and transmits the data to the backend for analysis, evaluation, and reporting. Depending on the application, communication options for data capture and transmission to the backend are GPRS, CDMA, WiFi, or Ethernet.

It uses a wireless radio modem including GPS for vehicle applications or access points for stationary applications.


The backend is customized and tuned to your specific requirements. It consists of cloud-based servers to collect raw data from the sensors and manages:

  • Bi-directional data flow
  • Customer portal to assign access to users
  • Hosting system including web portal
  • Software system to provide pre-determined customized reports such as count statistics, vehicle occupancy, headway, door openings, wheelchair deployments etc.
  • A means to notify ground transportation operators and airport facility staff if and when they need to take pre-determined or ad-hoc measurements, or corrective actions based upon passenger frequency and/or people flow.

Flat panel displays can be included in the portals for advertisements and PSAs. Advertisers can be provided with accurate data including the reach of their advertisment.

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