How it Works

A restroom management system developed to businesses provide consistently clean, well stocked and fully functional

public restrooms.

What is Goclean me?

goCleanMe (GCM) is restroom management software that enables businesses to maintain a clean restroom. It was built with the belief that clean restrooms are good business.

Who is it for?

GCM is designed for multi-unit franchise and chain store operators, facility managers, or facility maintenance contractors who need to maintain hundreds or thousands of clean restrooms in locations worldwide. Clean restrooms and repeatable business processes are an important part of maintaining a brand’s promise in the eyes of it’s customers.

Why Use goCleanMe?

To enhance your restroom management by automating:

  • Counts of people entering & exiting your restrooms
  • Dispatching the cleaning teams
  • Monitoring when teams enter, what areas they have cleaned, and when they have left.
  • Tracking of supplies used and supplies remaining on hand.
  • Setting cleaning thresholds by restroom based on usage.
  • Team response and cleaning times.

How It Works

3 easy steps:

We count the people entering and exiting via Automatic People Counters (APCs) mounted in the entry to the restroom. The data is sent through wireless modules to a base station.

The base station sends the data to our hosted servers or to your own server.

We inform you when the restroom needs to be cleaned via smartphone or through a web portal.




Technical Overview



The infrared sensor mounts above an entrance way or door (within the ceiling or on the wall). Using the latest Time of Flight technology it simultaneously countes the number of people who enter or exit a restroom (or entrance way).


The sensor connects to the wireless FCC approved GCM module which transmits all count information back to the base station using 900 MHz Spread Spectrum technology.


The APC sensor is connected to standard 110 VAC power or 220 VAC. It can utilize an eletrical outlet or be connected next to or near a lighting fixture.


The base station provides connectivity to the backend servers either via internet or built-in celluar modem.


If smartphones are used by the cleaning team, the phones are locked down to only run the goCleanMe application. The phone cannot be used for any other purpose. Alternatively, a low cost iBeacon can be used in place of a smartphone.


Access to data is provided via a web portal from anywhere or via an API directly to the database.

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